Location of the Monastery

The Monastery is located in the province of Lesvos, in the Karyes Hill, 14 kilometres away from the island’s capital city -Mytilene.

The Monastery is connected to the well-constructed driving network of the region along with special road signs guiding the visitors to the Monastery.

The facilities of the Monastery include a spacious parking lot for vehicles and buses.

Ways to approach the island

Access to Lesvos is done via Athens or Thessaloniki.


Specifically, frequent flights from Athens airport and routes from Piraeus port lead to the island in daily basis.


Similarly, access to the island from Thessaloniki is via both on board and on air but limited to less frequent routes.


There are 2 routes from Kavala port, twice a week.


There are 2 flights per week from Rhodos airport that drive to Lesvos.


Lastly, access to the Monastery from the Mytilene port is every one hour via the city transport network.

Group visits

Please make us aware of any group visits via telephone.


07:00 ~ To sunset