In our monastery you may perform the following sacred mysteries:

  • Baptism
  • Vigil
  • Appeal
  • Memorial
  • Arctoclasia
  • Unction
We have to inform the priest of the Monastery, so please let us know 2-3 days before at the: (+30) 22510-71708.

You may send us the names of your beloved, alive & and departed to mention them in our psalms.

Υπέρ ΥγείαςΥπέρ Αναπαύσεως

As many believers are asking for a way to make a donation, the monastery’s bank account is:

IBAN: GR3302600060000400201476634

Alternatively, you may send your donation electronically via card by clicking here.

Also, you can visit the Monastery and get oil from the lamp of Saint Rafael, which,
as it was the wish of our sweet Mother Superior, Eugenia Kleidara, we sent it for free to all over the earth.